How do we understand Employer branding in the financial sector?

22. June 2020



From the moment Employer Branding first appeared, it was conceptualized and defined, to the present day, more than twenty years have passed. Recruiting a skilled workforce, ensuring growth, profitability and competitive advantage are the goals of all employers. The specificity for the financial sector is the fact that the job of accountant and financial experts is among the ten deficient occupations in Serbia today. Research indicates that experts in the field of finance will be in demand in the future as well.

An employer’s brand implies an intangible value based on personal experience or a value that has come to us “from outside” (through the media or other people). This added, intangible value arises when we connect characteristics, information, emotions, associations and experiences to the employer and thus create an image of him. Added value to the brand can be social, economic, developmental, management value…


What are our experiences and what are the features of the financial sector?

Our colleagues often point out the possibility of education as one of the values of TPA’s business identity. Opportunity to take the ACCA, study for a certified auditor’s license, availability of professional literature in the form of books, magazines and applications. Required knowledge of most tax forms in Serbia, English language classes. Our employees are most satisfied with possibility of professional mentoring. Internal and external trainings and education are part of our business and corporate culture. Our more experienced colleagues are often lecturers at seminars, which encourages younger colleagues to learn and be committed. The clients we work with belong to different industries, which is extremely important to our employees. They gain experience on interesting and complex projects, and the work is divers and dynamic. TPA communicates with its employees about ambitions and future plans, so they feel a part of the long-term strategy, like someone that is counted on. Since successful Employer Branding is primarily built “from internal employees’ experience”, the number of people who started working in our company through internal referrals is increasing and this is a signal to us that things are working well.