TPA won Real Estate Award for the 7th time


On 23 May, the strongest brands in the European real estate industry have been awarded in Berlin. This is already the seventh time for the TPA Group to win in the “Real Estate Consultants Austria” category and is honored as strongest Real Estate Brand in Austria.

Real Estate experts Leopold KühmayerRenate Pilz and Josipa Kozic accepted the award on the behalf of the TPA Group. Based on the generally positive values, the brand is rated as especially “successful” and very “trustworthy”.

About the European Real Estate Brand Award

The Eureb Institute laudates our Brand with the following words: There is no way around the TPA Group when you are looking for a real estate consultant in Austria. The biggest strength of the tax & consulting company are the following values:

  • Trustworthiness
  • implementation quality
  • personal experience

More than 300 decision-makers attended the gala in Berlin, honouring the winners and joining in on the celebration. Peter Eggers and Andreas Griesbach from Baker Tilly in Germany were among the guests and celebrated the award with us.

Awarded expertise in real estate

The TPA Group is characterised by its expertise in the field of real estate and our experts have profound detailed knowledge in the CEE/SEE region and therefore our company has been honoured this year also with the following awards: Karin Fuhrmann from TPA Austria was honoured as ‘Best Tax Advisor for Real Estate 2019‘ for the 3rd time, and at the HOF Awards 2019 the TPA Group was titled as Best Tax Advisor & Financial Advisor Team 2019, as well as TPA Serbia, TPA Poland and TPA Czech Republic won the CIJ Awards as Best Tax & Financial Advisor.