Amendments to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law and relevant bylaws

26. October 2015 | Reading Time: 2 Min

The most important amendments to the Law refer to:

  • The possibility of a foreign entity to register for VAT in Serbia, by appointing a VAT representative;
  • Amending the VAT rules in relation to distribution of electricity, natural gas, energy for heating and cooling;
  • Expanding the definition of VAT payers to all recipients of goods and services in the field of construction;
  • and many others.


  • Amendments to the existing bylaws and introduction of the new bylaws are published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 84/2015 and 85/2015 of 14 October 2015, as follows:
    • Rulebook on Determining Tax Base for the Assessment of VAT on the Supply of Goods and Services for a Consideration;
    • Rulebook on the Method of and Procedure for VAT Exemption with the Right to Deduct Input Tax;
    • Rulebook on the Form and Content of the VAT Registration Form, Registration and Deregistration Procedures and the Form and Content of VAT Return ;
    • Rulebook on Determining Goods and Services Subject to Taxation at the Reduced VAT Rate;
    • Rulebook on the Method of and Procedure for Approving VAT Representatives;
    • Rulebook on the Method of Amending Tax Base for VAT Calculation Purposes;
    • Rulebook on Determining Goods and Services in the Field of Construction for the Purpose of Determining VAT Payers;
    • Rulebook on Determining Certain Goods and Services in Accordance with Article 25 of the VAT Law;
    • Rulebook on Determining Electronically Rendered Services in Terms of the VAT Law;
    • Rulebook on Amending Input Tax Deductions in Case when VAT Base is Amended; and
    • Rulebook on Determining Instances when the Obligation to Issue Receipts does not Exist and on Receipts wherefrom certain Information may be Omitted.
  • Some of the most significant changes are covered in this newsletter. The changes primarily relate to the procedure of appointing a VAT representative as well as doing business in the field of construction.