SEE Tax Desk – Single Point of Contact for the SEE region

South Eastern Europe has undergone an impressive transformation and is now among the world’s most rapidly expanding economic regions. Therefore, international companies have begun to establish regional headquarters for the SEE region to coordinate their activities in the new markets.

Supporting your Activities in South Eastern Europe

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to adapt quickly is becoming increasingly important. The challenge regional headquarters in SEE are currently facing is that, if they have
tax inquiries regarding multiple countries in this region, they have to deal with several local advisors, hence losing valuable time.

TPA SPOC: Huge Benefit for Headquarters

We understand the need for real time access to tax advice and offer regional headquarters as a unique service. We can give you a single point of contact, the TPA SPOC, for tax advice regarding the SEE region. The TPA SPOC is responsible for any tax inquiry you have, even if you are seeking information for the entire region.


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