Real Estate Consultancy

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TPA has been active in advising real estate funds since Austria’s entry into the EU in 1995. A majority of national and international real estate funds have relied on our know-how in this special sector in both Austria and Central and Eastern Europe: Both open and closed real estate funds, public and special funds, regulated and unregulated funds.

TPA played a significant role in the development and amendment of the Austrian Real Estate Fund Statute. Through legal actions we have worked for investors to bring about the equivalence of foreign pensions and utilities with their corresponding national institutions. Due to our long-standing experience with the unique tax and oversight needs of real estate funds and their investors, we can at times provide the answers before the question is even asked.

We can offer the following services for real estate funds:

  • Assessment of the applicable tax regime (general tax law or the regime available under the Real Estate Investment Fund Statute)
  • Optimal structuring
  • Monitoring the acquisition process
  • Advice on tax and duty liabilities in establishing financing, purchasing and rental contracts
  • Financial and tax due diligence on acquisitions of real estate companies
  • Tax assessment with regard to the potential liabilities under §14 BAO
  • Post closing assistance
  • Ongoing compliance for real estate funds and companies
  • Tax liabilities under the Real Estate Investment Fund Statute (ImmoInvFG)
  • Assistance for investors

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