Amendments to the Law on Social Security Contributions

14. December 2018 | Reading Time: 2 Min

Amendments to the Law on Social Security Contributions (SSC Law) are published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 95/2018 dated 8 December 2018. The most important changes are presented below.

  • Obligation of the payment of SSC for unemployment insurance on behalf of employer is abolished;
  • The new amendments of the SSC Law narrow the framework of work for founders and members of the legal entity, where, besides the employment, the representation of the company on the basis of registration is also considered as work, while the provision that defines work as performance of management activities is deleted;
  • The method of determination and period of application of minimal and maximal monthly SSC base has been changed, whereas the SSC base is determined on the basis of paid salaries in the period for the previous 12 months starting from October (not from November as it was before) in the current year, and will apply from the first day of the month following the publication of this amount by the Ministry of Finance;
  • The SSC Law prescribes new SSC exemption on salaries paid to founders, entrepreneurs and newly established entrepreneur – agriculturists in the first business year, if net salary does not exceed amount of RSD 37,000 (approx. EUR 315);
  • The category of the estimated maximal annual SSC base is abolished, and the amount of the maximal annual SSC base is determined as the sum of the 12 maximal monthly SSC bases;
  • It is specified that if the period for which the SSC is calculated is shorter than a month or when the employee is working part-time, and the conditions for the application of the maximal monthly SSC base are met, SSC should be calculated on the maximal monthly SSC base.