Here’s how to sell or buy a company and truly participate in the process


TPA, together with leading business development experts in the Merger & Acquisitions field, is launching the first round of training for business owners and CEOs. The training focuses on helping CEOs and business owners be equal participants in complex M&A transactions. The training aims to demystify sales and purchase situations through open discussions with experts and owners who have gone through such processes. It also aims to familiarize participants with M&A transitions, which have increasingly been occurring in the Serbian market.

The lecturers are leading experts who have been a part of the ownership transformation in different sectors including legal practice, tax, and financial and banking consulting. These experts work in TPA, Four Legal, ASEE, Delmax, Business Market, and Kappa Star group.

The training includes six workshops, which will be held from 4 pm to 8 pm, in the form of case study presentations by experts, as well as, presentations by business owners or directors who have gone through the process of changing the ownership structure of the company. The first workshop will be held on October 10, 2019, at 4 pm at the Adizes SEE premises in Belgrade.

The training is for company owners and co-owners, as well as for Managing Directors and CEOs. The presenters will discuss different topics including when to sell the business and how to choose a target. All stages of the M&A process, the valuation of the company or its essential assets, the types of Due Diligence and a particularly sensitive post-acquisition period, will be addressed.

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